2013 - 2014


Takeshi built a pavilion in the grounds of St John’s Primary School in Kingston with the third year architecture students from Kingston University. The pavilion is an open shelter with large overhanging roof supported by a forest of round columns with varying lengths and shapes. It is used for the school’s woodland learning, where children can learn about and explore a woodland habitat. 

Photo by Johan Dehlin

Photo by Johan Dehlin

It is a 1:3 scale interpretation of the Woodland Chapel built by Gunner Asplund in 1920, at the UNESCO World Heritage site, Skogskyrkogården, in Stockholm, Sweden. The Woodland Chapel contains a large dome inside a simple wooden hipped roof.

Studio collaborated on this project, with the primary school children and teachers, the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University 3D workshop staff, Simons Construction Group and the Bentall Centre in Kingston.

The Stanley Picker Gallery helped facilitate the collaboration with the school as part of their wider community engagement programme. The school children built the papier mache dome using tissue paper, onto a 2 m diameter timber formwork made by the architecture students. The shelter was made entirely from recycled materials donated from a building site at the Bentall Centre in Kingston, as well as found fallen tree trunks and branches, from the school grounds. The shelter was prefabricated in the 3D workshops by the architecture students with support from workshop staff, and then brought to site.

The project is part of Studio’s on-going research and investigation of the construction and logistics of timber structures, the exploration of the use of recycled materials, learning from the specialist craft of papier maché, and the possibilities of collaboration and engagement on the construction with local communities.

It is hoped that it will inspire the children’s imagination, learning under a roof filled with light, and the dome built by their own hands.


Takeshi Hayatsu, Tim Gough


Denis Ismaili, Shadia Tajamal, Evgeni Medarov, Radhesh Bhatt, Sam Colmer, Sebastian Barrett, Yutong Wang, Mufaddal Nagree, Nima Taghizoghi, Slawomir Turek, Michael K Asante, Komadee Appasamy, Mona K D’Souza, Esra Tekagac, Jin Amarasinghe, Jamie Simon, Amandin I Richard, Isadora Bayma Jefferson De Oliveira, Marina Boscov Olivi, Taina Zagonel, Viruth Purichanot, Karim C Romay


Sarah Mayfield (papier maché specialist from England Ornamental Plastering)

St John's Primary School

Stanley Picker Gallery


Bentall Centre, Simons Construction Group

Structural advice

Price & Myers


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