A new road for the whitworth


A new Road for the Whitworth_crop.jpg

To extend on John Ruskin’s notion of social practice and his road building project in Hinksey 1873, Hayatsu Architects were commissioned together with Grizedale Arts, Karen Guthrie and Tom Philipson, by the Whitworth, University of Manchester, to propose a new Road for the Whitworth Park, adjacent to the art gallery.

A New Road for the Whitworth.jpg

The building of this new Road will be a series of lessons in making: in fabricating the tiles to walk on; in laying the Road; in planting the productive communal gardens around it; in building a new Park Keeper’s house; in learning to cultivate and harvest the produce; in learning to cook this produce for one another.

(Text extracted from the exhibition Joy for Ever: How to use art to change the world and its price in the market at the Whitworth)



Hayatsu Architects, Grizedale Arts, Karen Guthrie, Tom Philipson


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