the other space



The Other Space is a new architectural commission for Eduardo Padilha. Eduardo is a contemporary artist who runs the non-profit art space BalinHouseProjects in South London and whose work concerns the boundary between private and public. The Other Space will be both a space for living and a social space; a platform for exhibitions, dialogues and networking.

interior view entrance courtyard.JPG
interior view towards front courtyard.JPG
interior view towards back courtyard.JPG

The Other Space occupies a small triangular plot of land located next to Loughborough Junction, London SE5. The leftover land is a result of post war clearance and has remained vacant since the 1950’s, other than a mature lime tree growing in the middle of the plot. The new built house will encircle the tree at its heart.


The ‘scoop’ in the volume of the house will allow the tree to continue growing and bring air and light into the house whilst maintaining privacy from the street. Vegetation on the roof will enhance the biodiversity of this urban site and together with the lime tree, provide an environment where the artist can live and practice close to the nature. 


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