the lodge



The Lodge occupies a uniquely secluded and verdant setting adjacent to Hampstead Heath. Originally a coach house for a neighbouring Victorian mansion, this family home of a London gallery owner embodies a contemporary interpretation of the Arts & Crafts tradition. 

rafters and studs.jpg

Stripping away the additions and alterations wrought over generations, the house is gently realigned to respect and reveal its fine original construction fabric. As a result, the 1880s roof structure is dramatically exposed internally over the central living space and the use of timber for new structural interventions is set to complement the existing structure whilst firmly placing the project in the present. 

stair sketch.jpg
007_Living room.jpg

The organisational structure is strategically opened up, creating views along the length of the building and to the lush landscape beyond, enabling greater profusion of natural light throughout.

007_kitchen view.jpg

Outside, a richly material world is enhanced through the restoration of exposed aggregate pebbledash render at the ground floor level, complementing the existing landscape of vertically hung terracotta tiles on the hipped roof above. A stepped landscape to the south mediates the level changes as built settlement merges into the Heath. 


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