The Land we live in - the land we left behind


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Curated by Adam Sutherland, 'The Land We Live In – The Land We Left Behind' at Hauser & Wirth in Somerset explored the contradictory nature of society’s relationship to the rural. The exhibition featured over 100 international artists and creatives, as well as works on loan by artists from the 15th century to today. Hayatsu Architects contributed to the exhibition two projects, a Goat Pavilion and Community Bread Oven.

photo by Ken Adlard

photo by Ken Adlard

Goat Pavilion is a collaboration with the artist Fernando Garcia-Dory. It is a functional structure for goat farmers to use, with space for fodder and feeding and a milking station. Inspired by the verticality of the mountain, a pinnacle multi-level pavilion entertains the goats’ climbing instinct. It is also a monument, which comments on the garden ornaments of 18th century countryside villas, often echoing picturesque pastoral elements.

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The agricultural timber elements such as tannalised softwood, decking and feather edged weather boarding are composed to support a recycled Christmas tree from the 2017 festive season at the gallery. The tree is held above the ground, creating a covered pen space for goats to rest and to climb up the double spiral arrangement of the staircases around the tree trunk. The pavilion was used for milking and cheese making workshops during the exhibition and a ceremonial performance greeting the arrival of spring by twisting and twirling colourful tapes around the tree trunk. 

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Community Bread Oven was conceived by the architecture students and tutors from Central Saint Martins UAL as part of Takeshi Hayatsu’s teaching practice. It forms part of a larger project in Coniston, The Road Project, and was temporarily loaned from Coniston village to Hauser & Wirth Somerset for the exhibition. The Community Bread Oven was situated in the courtyard alongside Marcus Coates’ Apple Suite and Charles Holland’s yellow ceramic tree stumps Foundation Myths, forming an outside gathering place for cooking and socialising.

It was used for bread making and firing workshops during the exhibition. 

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sketch by Fernando Garcia-Dory

sketch by Fernando Garcia-Dory


Fernando Garcia-Dory

Central Saint Martins


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