Details and Spaces

The first year students from Spatial and Interior design course at Chelsea College of Arts built a temporary installation in collaboration with Tate Britain, Milbank London

The historic mahogany handrail detail from Tate Britain's Rotunda was transformed to form a series of spaces constructed using timber battens, steel wire and Japanese rice paper. The construction logic was inspired from the large traditional paper float for Nebuta Matsuri festival in Aomori Japan. The students surveyed various classical ornaments from the buildings in Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Arts, by drawing 1:1 measured drawings and making 1:1 models. The chosen handrail detail was then enlarged 10 times to form interior spaces where people can inhabit inside. 


The built structures were used as temporary exhibition spaces situated in the Parade Ground of the College, showcasing the students' survey drawings and models to the general public.


Takeshi Hayatsu, Shibboleth Shechter, Phil Rutter, Jack Hardy, Jonathan Shmulevitch


First year students from BA Interior and Spatial Design


not-for-profit initiative Kupambana


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